The Crows Feet

Atde the Crossroads

The Crows Feet

I was Atde Crossroadz one day when suddenly it hit me. wonderful, lovely, stunning . it started to rain, but the sun stayed out and most amazingly there was not a cloud in the sky. I simply held my head back and tasted the rainbow with my eyes shut, i could feel every drop as it hit my skin and ran down my face and as the passing shower moved on I began to smile uncontrollably until tears escaped through the crows feet.

OutSide My Window


Squirrel no.1

Outside My Window

From inside my space I can see through the window. There is an oak tree that partially covers the yard. Below the ground is littered with shades of brown leaves and half eaten stolen fruit from the neighbors backyard. Good and Evil, that’s the names I gave to the two squirrels living in the oak tree outside my window. I see them early in the morning collecting nuts from the grass and liberating extra dog food left over from Reds food bowl. They’ll run up the tree at the sound of the door opening, leaping from branch to branch. I’d die for that freedom. As they spring from one to another the season sheds its dead leaves to make room for the next. Balance. I have a recurring dream of me standing under them as they fall about me, with flickering lights tracing the branches above. There is a gazebo with netted walls. The floor is a red rug and throw pillows. There is a table laid with fruit, dips, candies and pie. Juices, mineral, spring and distilled water. And, If you look over there you’ll notice the chair swing facing the koi pond. It make every good place to sit and unwind listening to the sound of a babbling waterfall falling over smooth river stones. The outdoor speakers add a great touch. I’m so off topic. Their so cute making their escape by jump onto the power-line, for a mad dash away from the crime scene. I catch them sometimes unawares and get to enjoy them playing together among the grass, dead leaves and partially eaten fruit. The moment they notice that I’ve notice them. You’ll see them freeze stop for a moment. As their eyes grow larger almost as if to take in the complete scope of the treat.Squirrel no.3 You’ll see your reflection in their eyes. Then they’ll make a B-Line for the tree and high tale it up, over and down the power-line, far enough away to stop and look back for a moment. Like a punk kid who just stole an apple from old Pap’s fruit stand. Before going about their day.

Squirrel no.1
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The Code as Recorded in the Book of Linx 7th Chapter

The Math”

Enjoy the Movement

Let me help you with your math. I’ll tell you a story if you don’t mind.

2013 will make 13 out of the 2 that made 1 equal 7 the same thing as 1240. It was 7:35 when it happened that the child of light became an immortal.



@world #artistic

collaborating mathematically with energies beyond the grasp of general imagination opening windows in the soul to create a connections in your surrealistic cortex for the enlightenment of you total being so that you can overstand the content of this run on sentence for the benefit of humankind’s when the wanted effect is a warm smile.

At the Herzion

At The Herzion

@world #artist
Its a new world at the horizon. Come along.
The first world is at hand.
They set in motion the zero to spin counter clock wise.
Don’t cry over spilled paint. Dip your hands in it and live.
Tomorrow is promised to no one, but we artist have been bless to create the mindful city.
Where the rose grew from the concert.
Alarm clocks kill dreams, dreamers don’t sleep.
Rest. Cometh upon completion.

Two lumps or 1

Two Lumps Or 1


aah, lunch

Hello Dear, is that lunch for two.
Welcome to my chambers.
Nothing you see here is real.
Your Atde Crossroadz and I’m the O.O.P.S! that resides here.
Very well to meet you love.
I love those finger nails.
No Dear I’m asking would you like more wine?
Its spring and the sun is full.
Lets, lets fall in love and run away to hell for an hour.
Promise we’ll back with plenty of time for church.
Your fathers a preacher.
Then your safe.
Come with me .
That watermelon your brought, delightful…
I’m not gay.
Just finding my self fallen in love.
Put me down.
I’m not drunk.
I don’t want to get up.
Lay with me.
Lets rename the stars.
No, you don’t have to go.
I’ll protect you.
After all everything is real.
And us, we are the dreamers.
Rest your eyes little one.
I want to.
Not now.
If not now then when?
Tonight. I’ll meet you in my eyes and then.
Then what?
Well you know. We’ll make History.
We’ll paint pink guns on churches and plant flowers at the police station.
You mean.
Yes I mean lets change the world.
Oh! I was thinking you meant, you wanted to start a lawn service or something.
Cause you ani’t had a job in a minute.
I’m just saying.

WOW! That smile is simply to die for.
Hurry home now. Don’t make mum-zzy worry.

Tell Me

Tell Me!


enjoy your tea.

Sick puppies shown love tend to grow up.
Sick humans shown love tend to disguise our contempt,
for their patronizing good morning’s and hi how are you’s.
Until we get older.
Who’s the animal?
It is him, there the one that built civilization.